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Commentaries and Summaries

These summaries were created by their respective authors based on best available evidence and clinical experience at time of publication. As our understanding of COVID-19 matures, certain information presented in this content may become outdated or entirely incorrect.
Please note the date of creation and as always, use this information in the context of your clinical assessment.

Commentaries & Evidence Summaries

CJA - May 8, 2020
Therapeutic alternatives and strategies for drug conservation in the intensive care unit during times of drug shortage: a report of the Ontario COVID-19 ICU Drug Task Force
S. Kanji, et. al.
JAMA - April 24, 2020
Management of COVID-19 Respiratory Distress
L. Gattinoni, et. al.
ThinkingCriticalCare - April 22, 2020
Re-Thinking the Early Intubation Paradigm of COVID-19: Time to Change Gears? 
P. Rola, et. al.
April 14, 2020
Ontario RAEB Evidence Update
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ICM - April 14, 2020
COVID-19 pneumonia: different respiratory treatment for different phenotypes?
L. Gattinoni, et. al.


Initial Ventilation Strategy

April 18, 2019

initial vent management 2.jpg

ESCIM How to Ventilate - COVID-19

April 2, 2020

foamecmo escim how to ventilate infograp

Surviving Sepsis Guidelines - COVID-19

March 21, 2020

foamecmo surviving sepsis covid19 infogr

*NB: recommendation to intubate early for

L-phenotype patients may no longer apply

Updated April 20, 2020

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