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This page is no longer being updated regularly. Please note the date of each publication.
Clinical Presentation:
CDC - April 6, 2020
Interim Clinical Guidance for Management of Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
ICM - April 23, 2020
Time to consider histologic pattern of lung injury to treat critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection
MC. Copin, et. al.
Airway Management:
Anesthesia - March 27, 2020
Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in patients with COVID‐19
T. Cook, et. al.
Perioperative Management:
Anesthesia - March 09, 2021
Timing of surgery following SARS‐CoV‐2 infection: an international prospective cohort study
COVIDSurg Collaborative, GlobalSurg Collaborative
Ventilatory Management:
JAMA - April 29, 2020
Respiratory Pathophysiology of Mechanically Ventilated Patients with COVID-19: A Cohort Study
DR Zeihr, et. al.
JAMA - April 24, 2020
Management of COVID-19 Respiratory Distress
L. Gattinoni, et. al.
ThinkingCriticalCare - April 22, 2020
Re-Thinking the Early Intubation Paradigm of COVID-19: Time to Change Gears? 
P. Rola, et. al.
ICM - April 14, 2020
COVID-19 pneumonia: different respiratory treatment for different phenotypes?
L. Gattinoni, et. al.
Thrombotic Risk:
JACC - April 15, 2020
COVID-19 and Thrombotic or Thromboembolic Disease: Implications for Prevention, Antithrombotic Therapy, and Follow-up
B. Bikdeli, et. al.
JAMA - April 13, 2020
Pharmacologic Treatments for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - A Review
J. Sanders, et. al.
Consider these Webinars:
Solving Healthcare - May 05, 2020
COVID-19: Management of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients
Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng (ICU - Ottawa), Dr. David Neilipovitz (ICU - Ottawa), Dr. Scott Millington (ICU - Ottawa)
Solving Healthcare - April 19, 2020
COVID-19: What you need to know about Personal Protective Equipment
Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng (ICU - Ottawa), Dr. David Neilipovitz (ICU - Ottawa), Dr. Kathryn Suh (ID/IPAC - Ottawa)
ThinkingCriticalCare - April 9, 2020
COVID-19 Webinar: Respiratory Management
Dr. Marco Garrone (ED - Torino, Italy), Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell (ED/ICU - New York), Dr. Josh Farkas (ICU - Vermont), Dr. Adam Thomas (ED/ICU Fellow - UBC, Canada), Dr. Philippe Rola (ICU - Montreal, Canada), Dr. Scott Weingart (ED/ICU, New York), et. al.

Updated May 6, 2020

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